25 Awesome Camping Hacks!

If you are going camping or are an avid camper, check out these handy dandy camping hacks.

By the way, sleep socks are a must! Pack a pair of cozy wool socks and reserve them for in-tent use. Stuff them in your sleeping bag as soon as you set up and slip them on when you curl-up for a restful, cozy sleep. Remove in the morning and leave them in your sleeping bag for the next night. Luxury for tired feet!

Water container lanterns are also another cool hack! Up late chitchatting or reading past the witching hour? Turn any transparent or semi-transparent water container (Nalgene or a water/milk jug, for example) into a lantern—in seconds.

A quality cooler elevates the average car-camping or canoe trip. Use it properly and you can eat fresh for days. First, think about what you’ll eat and when. For a multi-night trip, freeze all meats/mains before leaving and place at the bottom of the cooler. Wrap with additional insulation if you’ll be out for a few days.

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25 camping hacks for a fun filled camping trip: