5 Great Backpacks For Your Next Camping Trip!

A backpack should be one of the first pieces of hiking or camping equipment that is considered when putting together tools for your adventure, and is one of the most integral parts of your set-up. Your backpack is relied upon to carry equipment that could save your life in an emergency, and can be worn through wild and treacherous terrain for hours at a time.

Unfortunately, many beginning hikers and campers don’t realize just how important choosing the right backpack can be. Though the initial investment can be high, by choosing the right backpack you can ensure you have the perfect carrier for your most vital equipment on every adventure for years to come.

Below, we’ll look at five great options when looking for your next, or first, hiking and camping backpack. Following are the best camping backpack reviews we have gathered:

1. Osprey Aether/Ariel


From legendary hiking and camping backpack designers and producers, Osprey, the Osprey Aether and Ariel are the company’s classic, multifaceted backpacks. It has been used by hikers and campers, in different versions, for generations. The Aether (the male design) and Ariel (the female design) are capable of carrying major weight while remaining comfortable.

With Airscape back vents, the Aether and Ariel ventilate air to help keep you cool on steep terrains in warm weather. They have dozens of different compartments, pockets, and openings for staying organized and carrying your most trusted camping and hiking tools.

2. Gregory Baltoro

camping backpack

Don’t let the Gregory Baltoro’s compact design fool you. This bag can carry everything you need to stay safe and enjoy your journey on any backwoods terrain. The winner of multiple awards, the Baltoro has proven itself comfortable, versatile, and durable time and time again.

With a waterproof hip belt pocket and hydration sleeve that converts to a day pack, the Baltoro has a host of different features to help you keep moving through whatever the trail may throw at you. Designed to carry heavy loads, the Baltoro is the perfect bag to carry whatever you need comfortably.

3. High Sierra Titan

storage pack

Designed by another renowned name in the world of hiking, camping bags and accessories, High Sierra’s Titan is a big bag capable of packing heavy and large tools needed for more extreme hikes. With plenty of storage space and varying pockets, crevices, and openings, the Titan is one of the best and most economical options on the market.

4. Fjallraven Kaipak

green backpack

The perfect backpack for an overnight camp or hike, the Fjallraven Kaipak is a resilient, compact, durable backpack designed for stability in the roughest terrain. Made from G-1000 heavy duty recycled materials, this backpack is highly durable and environmentally friendly. Waxed for water resistance and featuring shoulder straps, hip belts, and multiple pockets, this high grade bag can provide for your most intense trips.

5. North Face Banchee

banchee backpack

Known for their excellent jackets, coats, backpacks, and gear, North Face has once again proven themselves one of the leaders in outdoor supplies with the North Face Banchee backpack. The Banchee has eight strategically placed pockets to make packing and unpacking light work and can handle heavy loads despite its weight and size. The North Face Banchee is the perfect option for strenuous day trip hikes and light camping adventures.

Which BackPack Should You Invest In?

Though there are dozens of different options from renowned bag and pack makers available, the five backpacks listed above in our camping backpack reviews here, showcase a selection of the varying options offered for hiking and camping backpacks, depending on the needs of your journey. As most types of backpacks will vary in size, material, and carry capacity, knowing your needs is an imperative first step in selecting the right backpack for you.

Remember, your next camping or hiking adventure will only be as good as the backpack you carry your most important equipment in. Make sure you make the investment and pick the right bag to guide you though years of outdoor journeys to come.