7 Handy Things To Take On Your Camping Trip

Packing the things you need most on a camping trip is the most important thing you must do before you leave. You have to have the most essential equipment and supplies to bring about a huge difference in your general camping safety and enjoyment. Therefore, when preparing for your outdoor adventure, it is important to have a checklist of all the necessary things you need when you go camping.


list to go camping with


The list you make will vary, depending on the type of camping trip, the places that you intend to visit, and the activities you will be partaking in. Your list will also depend on the time of year it is and the duration of your trip. You may not use some of the essentials that you include on the list, but it is important to have them, just in case. You will be thankful you packed them if the situation arises where you need those particular items. Here is a list of 7 handy things that you should take on your camping trip, apart from a tent.

1. First Aid Kit


medical kit


A first aid kit is the most important item you will need on your camping trip, as accidents are likely to happen on on any active outdoor adventure. These might be minor or severe accidents such as scratches, burns, bumps or cuts. Therefore, it is always advisable to ensure that you include a first aid kit on your checklist, regardless of the type of trip/adventure you’re on.

2. The Bio Light CampStove/Charger


camping stove


A great stove is another important camping essential that is ideal for any kind of outdoor adventure. You should get a reliable stove that is portable so you could carry it with you on a hiking trip, just in case you get lost. It’s also great just to cook some fresh fish right out of the river/lake. It’s also great in case of an emergency when you need to boil water to make sure it’s free of parasites, viruses, bacteria, and other dangerous organisms.

The Bio Light Camp Stove/Charger is recommended because it acts as a stove and also a charger for some of your electronic gadgets that are vital to your camping trip, such as flashlights, phones, and cameras. It converts the heat energy to electric, serving two extremely important functions in one.

3. Navigation Items/Electronics


map to go hiking


You might have a GPS on your smart phone or even a GPS system fixed into your car console. However, having a map and compass on your camping trip is a very great idea, since electronics can be drained and end up as an unreliable source of information.

Apart from that, if the connection in the woods is bad, you could be waiting a while or never get to use your phone the whole time. Therefore, having supplementary navigation essentials like a map and compass can add significant value to your camping.

4. An Origami Kayak


origami kayak


Oru kayaks are ideal for camping, as they are portable and have other great features. The kayak is designed with an innovative folding hull that offers a great kayaking experience. It folds up and becomes a backpack, the perfect kayak for such an occasion! Origami kayaks are stable enough for beginners and have smooth, 12′ long contours that make it perfect for experts too.

Finally, the kayak features a comfortable foam seat with a backrest and footrest that are fully adjustable to enhance your comfort while in the cockpit. Moreover, the Origami Kayak is designed with a reinforced cockpit for easy entry, as well as structural bulkheads that provide extra rigidity.

5. Sleeping Bag


pink and black sleeping bag


A sleeping bag is another necessary camping essential that you should always include on your checklist, regardless of the time you plan to spend on your trip. You need a reliable and portable sleeping bag that helps you to withstand cold night conditions. Even if it’s hot during the day, it could still get very cold at night. If you don’t use it, it could still function as extra padding, or even shade from the sun if you build a fort.

6. Lighting


lantern for light


Having a reliable source of light is also a crucial thing that can add significant value to your outdoor adventure. This could be a flashlight, lantern or a headlamp that will allow you to carry on any essential activity at night, such as preparing food or even for safety reasons. You MUST be able to see at night, to know what’s around you or to see where you are going in the dark.

7. Rope and Pocket Knife


knife to use while camping


It is advisable to include a rope and a knife on any camping checklist, as you will eventually need them on your trip. A rope has multiple uses, like making a clothes line, creating a shelter or towing people from tight situations while swimming or hiking.

On the other hand, a pocket knife is easy to carry around and can greatly help you to fix many things while camping. It can protect you if a wild animal (or dangerous human) comes around, you can cut branches with it to roast marshmallows, cut fish to cook and other foods, etc.


To sum up this article, the essentials mentioned above are some of the most important things that you should take on your camping trip. These items will greatly improve your camping experience, making it a much more enjoyable experience. However, other camping essentials that are equally important include tents, a pocket shower, extra water, and much more. You can adjust your camping list to suit your personal needs. Happy camping!