MeerKat Trailers For Sale – You’ll Want To Know This Before Settling For One!

When you go camping, you want camping gear that promises both safety and comfort. That is just what the MeerKat trailers are designed for. If you’re researching Meekat trailer for sale, delve deep into this review as we reveal some stuff you’ll want to know.

Meerkat Campers – Where Do They Get Their Name From?!

A product of Little Guy Trailers, based on the southern side of California, the MeerKat trailers have taken every one of your camping needs into consideration. These tiny Meerkat campers can pop up everywhere and their side windows resemble the facial markings of a meerkat, hence their cool name.

MeerKat in red

These trailers are for people who love camping but hate the idea of sleeping on the ground, either because their back will hurt or they get too cold. They are for people who want to go exploring and camping without having to tag along a big vehicle or one of those heavy camping tents. The method of use is pretty simple.

All you have to do is hook it up to your vehicle and transport it to your desired camping site. Then you can push it into whatever spot you want to camp at, it’s that easy. However, ensure that you do not park it under tall trees or near water bodies, just in case any natural accidents might happen. It’s not a cheap trailer, costing about as much as a nice new car, but if you love camping, the service it provides is worth the cost.

inside the MeerKat

Best Features of the Meerkat Campers

If you are searching for a Meerkat trailer for sale, then you may wanna take a look at its build:

The trailer itself weighs only 900 pounds, which makes it very portable. It can easily be towed by any vehicle type, even mini cars. This serves to reduce the cost of fuel consumption, since you do not need to have heavy duty vehicles to tow this trailer. And also, you wouldn’t have to put gas in an RV to drive it to the campground, and then put gas in your car to drive around once you get there.

Inside the trailer is a comfy and quaint living area that includes a seating area and a dinette. The seating area has been designed in such a way that it can be transformed to a queen-sized, comfortable bed, ideal for two people. Also available is a kitchen which has an icebox and a sink.

To prevent the trailer from feeling too hot during summer days, or from being too claustrophobic, it has been fitted with three windows which open to the outside. These windows allow for free circulation of air in and out of the trailer, keeping it properly ventilated and refreshed. These windows also allow light to get through, keeping the interior perfectly lit.

trailers parked

Another feature of the Meerkat campers includes the pop-up roof and the exterior awning. The pop up roof can be opened when it gets too hot inside. This feature also makes the trailer more roomy and comfortable since occupants, regardless of their body height, can comfortably stretch and stand while still inside. The exterior awning is perfect for the provision of shade. It can also be modified into an outdoor patio.

A portable toilet is another cool feature that makes the MeerKat trailer for sale a top priority and option… and a must-have item for many campers! With this toilet standing inside the trailer, you do not have to tour the entire campground at night looking for a place to relieve yourself. The toilet sits discreetly inside and is hidden from the trailer’s seating area. It slides out from under the seats, so you’d have to empty it fairly often.

portable toilet

Other features include LED running lights fixed on the outer side, full-sized wheels which come with stabilizers, a small dining table, a hanging closet, and storage compartments under the seating areas.