NEVO Rhino 45L/50L Internal Frame Backpack – Is There A Better One For The $$?

Finding the perfect multi-purpose backpack can be challenging. With so many choices available, it can be difficult to narrow down the best deals, based on price, performance, appearance, and more.

What is the NEVO Rhino 45L/50L Internal Frame Backpack?

For consumers who are looking for the perfect backpack at a very affordable price, the NEVO Rhino 45L/50L Internal Frame Backpack is ideal for many different uses. Here is an overview of the specifics of this backpack.

Size of the NEVO Rhino 45L/50L Internal Frame Backpack

This NEVO backpack is quite large, enabling consumers to use it for various reasons. From hiking to overnights at a friend’s, this backpack can hold multiple items.

With a capacity size of 26 x 12.6 x 9.06 inches, this convenient backpack can hold water bottles, several changes of clothes, snacks and much more. In fact, consumers can put just about anything in the backpack that might be needed, whether it’s a trip to the mountains for camping, or a weekend trip out of town.

Despite its ample available space, the NEVO Rhino is lightweight and easy to carry, making it ideal for any use, including sports.

High-Tech Design

This innovative new backpack was designed to be easily customized, enabling it to mold to the body of any consumer, regardless of size and shape. It has a high-load waist buckle system that has the ability to withstand heavy loads.

The amply-padded split dual wishbone waist pad, with top and bottom hip adjustments that are independent, make it a cinch to find the perfect fit. The zippers are easily accessible, as are the convenient pockets, which can hold any number of items.

The design makes this backpack an excellent choice for cycling and backpacking, although it can be used for absolutely any purpose.

The NEVO’s Durable Construction

The NEVO backpack was durably constructed, making it ideal for regular use, so that it lasts a long time. From the sturdy, high quality, lightweight nylon material, and rugged zippers, this handy backpack can withstand even the toughest conditions and still hold up well.

Referred to as a luxury backpack by many satisfied consumers, this backpack was constructed with high quality, super-strong stitching, minimizing the possibility of it prematurely unraveling. The NEVO also comes with a waterproof cover to keep it dry, and in good condition.

Colors Of The NEVO Rhino Internal Frame Backpack

Everyone has their preferred color, and luckily, the NEVO Rhino backpack comes in various color choices. These colors include black, green, red, and blue. The price is very affordable and depends on the color. The various color choices make the backpack easier to love, by both males and females.

Popular Opinions:

Many customers have provided in-depth reviews of this particular backpack, and it has received very solid reviews. They raved about this backpack, stating that they loved to take their family camping, but couldn’t afford expensive gear. This backpack fit right into their budgets.

The NEVO Rhino looks and performs like a much more expensive backpack. The versatility of the backpack was also discussed, and the customers reported that they’d used the backpack for several different purposes, and were pleased each time it was used.

Some customers are avid backpackers, so they purchased the NEVO backpack for that purpose. They are especially impressed with the ease of adjusting the straps, as well as the fact that the backpack enables them to carry many items, including a sleeping mat, which slipped right into one of the compartments.

Furthermore, people have commented on the backpack’s durability, and stated that it’s perfect for their backpacking trips, as it is able to withstand rough usage, without sustaining any damage.

Positives And Negatives

The NEVO Rhino is compatible with any hydration backpack, which means you won’t have to carry water bottles or jugs with you on your hike or camping trip.

The outer shell is made of a waterproof nylon material, so not only is it strong and durable, but it will also stay dry and keep the items inside safe from harm.

The Rhino is built with ventilation in mind so that body heat is spread out on hot days, avoiding the embarrassment of built up sweat.

The buckles are adjustable for added comfort and versatility, and there is an added whistle buckle in case you have an emergency or get hurt and need to signal to others to get help.

The NEVO is not just for adults. Kids can also use this backpack if you need to take a lot of extra gear to a camping ground or a day trip.

The only negative so far seems to be the fact that people have had to pay extra fees to use the backpack as a carry-on for flights. Be sure to check if it will pass first to avoid any large fees. The frame is detachable, so you could try removing that as well.

Have Fun With Your New NEVO Rhino 45L/50L Internal Frame Backpack

If you’re looking for a high-performance backpack that appears as if it costs a lot more than it actually does, you might want to opt for the NEVO Rhino 45L/50L Internal Frame Backpack.

Not only is it durably constructed, but the unique design allows for ease when it comes to customizing the fit, which can also be used by kids. As lightweight as it is versatile, this innovative new backpack is the perfect choice, whether you’re going to be camping, hiking, or performing any number of other activities.

It can easily be ordered online, and you can purchase cheap protection plans to go with the backpack, just in case anything was to happen to it while it’s being used.

There’s plenty of storage within the NEVO Rhino, including an elastic net that can stretch to fit even more, and holders for trekking poles. Everything that is included in this backpack was built with the user in mind.